Bachelor of Architecture, Southern California Institute of Architecture (SCI-ARC) 1988

Thesis Advisor and visiting architectural jury critic:




Boston Architectural Center, Boston, MA
Northeastern University, Boston, MA
Wentworth Institute of Technology, Boston, MA
Art Commissions, 1990 to present
Residential design, 1989 to present
Amherst Tile Shop, Amherst, MA
Decordova Gift Shop, Lincoln, MA
Demios Gallery, Belmont, MA
Lincoln Library, Lincoln, MA
Amherst Community Center, Amherst, MA
American Craft Magazine
Amherst Journal
Christian Science Journal
Susan Rudofski, Brookline, MA
John Young, Plymouth, MA (2)
Tanya Henderson, Cambridge, MA
Roland and Lea Abiodun, Amherst, MA (2)
Bob Bass and Myrna Libbey, Wayland, MA
Peter and Lindsay Blackler, Lincoln, MA
Bruce Campbell, Lincoln, MA (2)
Jaymie and Michael Chernoff, Amherst, MA
Helen Eddy, Cambridge, MA
Walter and Connie Elliott, Dana Point, CA (2)
Jane Galbraith, West Los Angeles, CA.
Marty Gordon, Lincoln, MA
Pamela and Rusty Jones, Los Angeles, CA
John Kuhn, Amherst, MA
John and Nancy LeGates, Lincoln, MA
Bob and Wendy Leipman, San Luis Obispo, CA
Private Reisdence, Concord, MA
Harriet Lutnicki,  Lincoln, MA
Lorie Michaels and John Konvalinka, Lincoln, MA (6)
Nancy and Robert Michelman, Amherst, MA (2)
Addison and Stacey Parks, Lincoln, MA
Mark Perkins, New Bedford, MA
Mary and Vic Roberts, Lincoln, MA (2)
Brian S. Walker, Amherst, MA
Nancy Wolcott, Boston, MA
Dick Wolcott, Bradenton, FL
COLLECTIONS: add text.
Waltham Mills Artists’ Association “Architectural Ornament” March, 2009

Boston Society of Architects “Art in Architecture” forum,  September, 2008

Build Boston trade show seminar “Art in Architecture” 
July, 2007

1985 National Solar Energy Conference “Residential Photovoltaics”